Inventory: additional rate rules available: Residents, Honeymooners, Large Families and Public Servants

Check out the new Inventory release!

Now you will be able to tag your rates with additional rate rules: Island Residents :desert_island:โ€‹, Honeymooners :sparkling_heart: , Large Family :family_man_girl: :family_woman_girl_boy: and Public Servants :judge: :woman_firefighter: :man_police_officer: .


Because flexibility is key!

We hope that the additional rate rules will help you to benefit from offering rates applicable only for particular segments and to expand your business.


If your contracted hotels are able to provide you with exclusive rates for particular segments, you will now be able to set this up in the Inventory extranet.

This feature can also be combined with Senior tag and Specific Clients, so that you may customize your rate for your clients as you need.

Additionally, all rate rules have been added into our Product Availability Tool, so that you may test your loaded product with particular rate rules applied:

What do I have to do?

Nothing! Log into Inventory and you will see the new rate rules added in the set up screen fields. :desktop_computer:

Then, you just have to set up the rate rules and customization you need!

For extra info, please check the full extranet guide in our Inventory Documentation and our Knowledge Base. :books: