Integration with WordPress/WooCommerce?

Does TravelGateX offer any integration for websites running e-commerce solutions on WordPress?

Hi @fabiob ,

Not currently.

What are you thinking about?

Maybe a Plugin to just Search-Quote-Book or anything else?

Thks for submit your Idea,

I was thinking about a Search-Quote-Book plugin, yes, perhaps integrated with WooCommerce in order to make use of the already existing payment gateways (preventing the clients from registering and giving their credit card twice in case they also want to buy other services in an already existing webshop).

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Hi Fabio,

did you find a solution for this issue ? Did you connect travelgateX to wordpress and/or woocommerce ?


We actually made a TravelgateX / HotelX integration in WooCommerce. If anyone is interested, please contact us: