InstallTypeEnum.Install Axis Data - AXI Version 311

Fix(Search, Quote): Check for package rates.

With the inclusion of multi-contracting, the format of where the rate group information is found has changed, so the returned response did not accurately inform the conditions of the rate. With this fix, we solve this situation and adapt to each response to determine if this rate is a package or not. The different types of rates returned in the provider's response are taken into account.

Sellers at 2024-05-23:

  • OTS Globe - [AXI]
  • Robert Arrigo and Sons - [RAR]
  • AXIS/MTS Alemania - [AXL]
  • AXIS/MTS España - [AXT]
  • Axis UK - [AXK]
  • AXIS/MTS Dubai - [AXD]