Install Sabre Hospitality Solutions - SHS Version 178

Fix (Search, Quote, Book, Runtime): Treatment of vcc cards, types of payment and adaptation of the runtime to the types of payments accepted by Sabre.

The buyers specify what type of payment will be used in the reservations made for the access in question.

We have changed the parameter that indicates this situation so that the buyer can choose between direct payment or credit card since Sabre doesn’t have any other payment methods available.

If when you want to reserve with a credit card, information about it is not included, we will return an error because the provider needs that information to make the reservation effective.

Sellers at 2023-03-27:

  • Sabre Hospitality Solutions - [SHS]
  • Synxis (PUSH) - [SYX]
  • Sabre Hospitality Wyndham - [SHS2]