Install Derby Soft - DBSF Version 161

Feat(Booking): implement booking read

Sellers at 2021-12-27:
  • LEONARDO HOTELS (Derbysoft) - [LEHO]
  • Best Western (Derbysoft) - [BWT]
  • Go Hotel (Derbysoft) - [GOH]
  • Rotana Hotel Management (derbysoft) - [RHM]
  • Marriott (derbysoft) - [MROT]
  • Accor (DerbySoft) - [ACDS]
  • IHG (Derbysoft) - [IHGD]
  • MGM Hotels - [MGM]
  • Club Med (Derbysoft) - [CLM]
  • A&O (Derbysoft) - [AAOD]
  • Starwood (derbysoft) - [SWOD]
  • Flight Center - [FHC]
  • Convergent / Huizhi (Derbysoft) - [HZI]
  • North American Vacation (DerbySoft) - [NAV]
  • Universal Orlando Resort (derbysoft) - [UOR]
  • Derby Soft - [DBSF]
  • Radisson Hotel Group (DerbySoft) - [RHG]
  • Hilton (derbysoft) - [HITS]

We’re releasing an update to the Platform DerbySoft (DBSF) as per below.

What is it?

We have updated the Booking Read method (Booking Query) so that you are now able to retrieve the bookings from Sellers connected through DerbySoft.


Booking Read response was returned as “not implemented”.

What do I need to do?

You should add the new parameter “urlReservationRead” with the reservation read URL provided by the Seller. This parameter is optional and if not added our system will use the generic URL, though it is possible it does not always work since not all the Sellers use the same endpoint.

In order to avoid possible issues, we recommend you fill in the “urlReservationRead” parameter in your access (Hotel-X API) or configuration (Legacy API). For instance:

<Parameter key = "urlReservationRead" value = ""/>

Note: The aforementioned information is only an example, please make sure you confirm the Reservation Read URL with Derbysoft.

Please feel free to head over to our Help Center with any questions you might have, we’re always happy to help!