Install Axis Data - AXI Version 221

Feat!|Refactor: RatePlan Code implementation

We're releasing an update to the integration of Seller Axis Data (AXI) as per below.

What is it?

It’s an update to the room codes in the Availability Response: now we’ll use Axi’s Room code concatenated with the RatePlan code. This will also affect the room description that will contain some extra information regarding the RatePlan conditions. This change will only affect Hotel - Rooms which the supplier has already added to the RatePlans, so some rooms will still remain the same.


The Seller has deployed this new feature giving more information about the rate of each option. As each room can be sold with different RatePlans we need to add this information to our response.


  • Old format: room code= "RMSD000000"
  • Old format: room description= "Standard Room"
  • New format: room code = "RMSD000000;BHSP2"
  • New format: room description= "Standard Room - semi-flexible promotion [2]"

What do I have to do?

If you map the rooms from our Avail Response please update them in order to avoid redundant room codes. This update will be deployed on Monday 29 November 2021 and you will start receiving these new descriptions and codes.


  • 29th November 2021: AXIS Data will return the new concatenated codes and descriptions.

    Sellers at 2021-11-24:

    • AXIS/MTS Alemania - [AXL]
    • OTS Globe - [AXI]
    • Robert Arrigo and Sons - [RAR]
    • AXIS/MTS España - [AXT]
    • AXIS/MTS Dubai - [AXD]
    • Axis UK - [AXK]