Info update content buyer

Problem description: The supplier updates the content or it is updated every 7 days automatically. But then the supplier has to move to Stats and search for Other > Static content (Hotel list, Descriptive info, etc.)

Expected outcome: To be able to see when the buyer pulled the updated portfolio by the supplier in a column next to the accommodation column in the connection on my connections page or on the content connections page itself.

Idea description: The idea is to give the supplier an idea of when the buyer pulled the content last time it was updated. On the one hand, to provide the suppliers with a more intuitve and user-friendly interface instead of having them switching from my connections to stats and quering their results every x time. Plus, it would help them to have an idea about their buyers behaviour regarding regular content update. Furthermore, it would give TGX an idea about the connections that regularly update inventory and may help to save costs for them which don’t do it every 7 days.

Buenas tardes @ssatar,

Thank you very much for your suggestion, it certainly sounds interesting.

Let us analyze it internally and we will get back to you.