Idiso Sol Melia payment method through points

Idea posted by the Product Team on behalf of one of our Partners.

Pre-analysis of changes suggested to the Sol Melià integration

  1. Get a Meliá locator before confirming service
    All points transactions that we can register with Meliá require a locator (the one for the hotel service), and in case a customer wants to pay with points, the registration of this payment should be done before confirming the service (since our closing does not confirm anything until the payment is registered).

Therefore, we need to be able to have a Meliá locator before proceeding to confirm services. The Meliá connector allows us to do a pre-booking transaction that can be launched between the quote and the confirmation. This transaction issues a Meliá service locator without having to confirm the booking, so this could be an option.

Could it somehow be integrated into the Idiso Sol Melia (IDI) flow? Maybe in the quotation process? Can you discuss what options we have?

As you comment that you will use a new Meliá connector with other different credentials, we could ask TravelgateX to add a new parameter in the integration with Sol Melià (Idiso) so that if that parameter is reported in the rating ( TravelgateX will do the pre-booking in addition to the quotation and also return us the Melià locator in a parameter.

  1. Confirmation with points, or with points + euros

The Meliá confirmation transaction allows payment with points, or points + euros. What happens is that it seems that the TravelgateX integration does not contemplate this. Having this functionality would be necessary for the part of points consumption to be managed in Meliá (the one related to the hotel service).

It seems that the TravelgateX API does not support confirmation with reward points (

We would have to see if TravelgateX can support this new payment method. One option might be to use “MerchantPay” and pass the card number on the other hand.

  1. Notification of the card number in Confirmation

In order for reservations to be properly charged, we must pass the customer’s Meliá Rewards card number in the confirmation.

The Meliá integration allows this, but as with Meliá Rewards points, TravelgateX may not have this functionality integrated.

We could do this by adding this card number as an extra parameter in the RQ of the confirmation, and have TravelgateX pass it to the Meliá API.

Obs.: Maybe this could also be valuable for all Sellers.

Hi, let’s check what information is required by Sol Melia for the processing of loyalty cards, to see if it is possible to fit into our system.

Hello. As currently, TravelgateX API does not support confirmation with reward points Sol Melia has changed their system to receive a specific parameter that indicates them if the client desires to receive rates applying points discount.
This way, it’s not necessary to modify our API or implement another transaction in the flow.

Summary of changes:


  • A parameter controlling if the client desires rates with point disccount has been added. This parameter admits a boolean has a value.


  • If the parameter is set as true, we send CustLoyalty node to Sol Melia system throught their request indicating that we want point discount rates in their response.
  • A remark indicating the rate has discounted price has been added.


  • Added a tag sent through their request to indicate to Sol Melia system that in case a rate has an applicable discount, the points should be consumed to apply this discounted price.