Hotel-X Buyers API - Booking by references with dates

Hotel-X Buyers API - Booking by references with dates :speaker:

We’ve released a new feature in HotelX Buyers API that enables you to retrieve bookings (with booking query) by reference plus dates in


From now on you can retrieve multiple bookings searching by reference and dates together.(at the same time)


Some of our Partners need to know this information in their bookings flow. This feature allows to retrieve bookings made with these Sellers.

What do I need to do?

When you want to retrieve a booking with reference/s and you know that a Seller wants this information, add dates inside references nodes. How to include these dates in booking input? See our Knowledge Base article.

Furthermore, from now on, you can know which Seller needs this information in booking’s query when searching by reference. How? Using metadata query and reading these three fields mentioned above:

  • RequiresCheckInDateInReferences
  • RequiresCheckOutDateInReferences
  • RequiresReservationDateInReferences

This is the relation between booking input fields and metadata fields:

Metadata field Booking criteria input
RequiresCheckInDateInReferences start
RequiresCheckOutDateInReferences end
RequiresReservationDateInReferences creation

For more information about how to use these fields from booking and metadata (and making your booking input better), see this article.

In case you don’t want to check metadata for mandatory dates, you can always send 3 dates in your request.