Hotel Sellers API v2

Hotel Sellers API renews itself, version 2 is ready!

Hotel Sellers API v2 is ready and available to get your connector up and running in record time and with exceptional quality.

What is Hotel Sellers API v2?

Hotel Sellers API 2 is the evolution of our Hotel API with which we interconnect your connector in a standardized way to our Marketplace where we have more than +400 of Buyers waiting for you.

What’s new?

  • Reduced connector development time

Hotel Sellers API 2 offers a pre-established framework that limits development to a simple translation between APIs and their call flows, reducing development time by 82%.

  • Reduction of errors

Hotel Sellers API v2 shortens and simplifies the code by 60%, which implies a smaller margin of error.

  • Increased validations

Hotel Sellers API v2 has increased workflow validations up to 5 times more.

  • Increased transparency

Hotel Sellers API v2 demonstrates its transparency by providing the connector code and a framework, so that any external agent can contribute with his/her skills, developing directly in our source code repository with corrections or improvements.

Which Sellers can benefit?

All new connectors will be built on this API. In reference to the current ones, we will progressively migrate them to this version.

Which Buyers can benefit?

Hotel Sellers API v2 will be available exclusively to Buyers using HotelX Buyers API.

What do I have to do?

You don’t have to do anything, this is transparent to you.

Do you want to make the connector yourself?

Hotel Sellers API v2 will allow you to develop the connector yourself, just as if TravelgateX had done it. If you are interested, please contact us and stay tuned as we will give you more details in our next releases.