Hotel Buyers API (legacy) - Parameter HotelXAccessCode Mandatory

Have you noticed a new functionality in our website called Content Management? In order to take full advantage of all the functionalities available there, we have added a new mandatory parameter to the configuration you currently use in our Legacy API for content methods.

What functionalities will I be able to use on

  • Check out the portfolio in all your connections
  • Filter property by country
  • Refresh content when required

Review relevant information such as:

  • Total properties found
  • Last refresh date
  • Next scheduled update
  • Property details, such as address, description, etc

Why is HotelXAccessCode mandatory?

This parameter is used to determine which access the client uses to retrieve the information.

Once you include this parameter, you’ll be able to manage content at an access level in MyConnetions and MyContent.

Currently, the configurations are saved in accesses. From now on the parameter will be required in the configuration.

Accesses can be managed in the “Myconnections” tab when you log on to

What is an “access”?

Where do I find the accesses active in my account?

What are the Content methods?

  • Configuration
  • RoomList
  • MealPlanList
  • HotelList
  • GeographicDestinationTree
  • DescriptiveInfo
  • CurrencyList
  • CategoryList
  • MetaData

What do I have to do?

You should add the parameter into configuration.

      <Parameter key = "HotelXAccessCode" value = "xxxx"/>


  • 19 Nov 2021: We start supporting this parameter

  • 17 May 2022: We stop supporting the content methods without the parameter and you’ll receive the error message below:

<DescriptiveInfoRS xmlns = "" xmlns:xsi = "" xmlns:xsd = "">
      <description>HotelXAccessCode Parameter not found</description>