Giata Hotel Directory: new content service available free of charge

Enjoy GIATA Hotel Directory content free of charge in our marketplace!


Our partner GIATA has created a fantastic content service free of charge for our Buyers, offering more than 30.000 properties content and images: GIATA Hotel Directory.

Why? :thinking:

As hotel distribution is growing everyday, it gets more and more difficult for the hotels to control their content on the multiple B2C sites. Due to this concern, GIATA has created GIATA Drive so that hotels and chains may update their content and images from one platform to the whole travel market.

This service, named Giata Hotel Directory for B2B partners, is available free of charge for all wholesalers and travel companies interested in using fresh content validated directly from the properties.

What do I have to do?

If you want to use GIATA content, you just need to request a New Connection on our site and select GIATA Seller:

Once you have received our connection activation, you will see GIATA in your Connections:

And also you will see GIATAโ€™s Content in our Connections Content area:

Which kind of product can I find?
The number of hotels is growing everyday and you can find independent hotels and top chains such as Sandals, Kempinski, Grecotel or Rixos.

Whatโ€™s next?

Just enjoy this fabulous content service with new properties being added every week! :hotel:

If you have any questions, we are here to help, just raise a ticket and our wonderful Customer Care team will be there for you. :hugs:

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Dear Tania,
Fantastic news!!!
Thanks for it.


Hi Tania

Kindly let us know how to get the credentials to set up the account

Hello! :hugs:

You donโ€™t need credentials for this service, just request the connection via New Connection in My Connections site area. So easy!

Once you introduce your details to be informed about the connection in Seller Credentials you will see no user or password fields, everything is ready for you to proceed and connect:

Then keep default search criteria and confirm:

In case you need extra support, please raise a ticket and we will be pleased to help! :star_struck: