Expedia Rapid EPS v3

TravelgateX is the world’s first connectivity platform to release the new API version of Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS), Rapid 3

The benefits of Rapid 3 API are:

  • Tiered Cancelation Policies
  • Increased portfolio offerings
  • Simplified PSD2 compliance
  • Easy hotel Loyalty Member capture

What is it?
Expedia has released their new EPS Rapid version 3, and thanks to their clear documentation and effeicient technical assistance we’ve been able to implement the new version in just a couple of weeks.

To provide a faster and better service to all Buyers connected to Expedia.

What do I need to do?
You don’t need to make any changes in order to benefit from the advantages of the new version!
The only exception being the loyalId, that would need to be send adding a parameter in the configuration: