Empower your Selling Experience with our latest feature: Manage and correct failed activations as a Seller

Dear Partner,

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to our Platform, bringing an exciting new feature that allows Sellers to resolve interrupted activations caused by errors during the process.

What is it?

Sellers will now receive an email requesting their collaboration to resolve any issues that prevent a connection from being completed automatically. The email provides a link where Sellers can rectify the problem by modifying the access configuration provided by the Buyer.


Having worked with both, Buyers and Sellers for over a decade, we understand that one of the most critical moments in the connection process is when the access credentials fail to work properly.

Common issues include:

  • Incorrectly filled credentials (usernames, passwords, access tokens…)
  • Inactive credentials awaiting activation by the Seller
  • Unspecified parameters in the access configuration

Fortunately, these issues can be resolved quickly by Sellers, as they possess the knowledge of how their connections operate and the necessary credentials and parameters needed for the Buyer to establish a successful connection.

What do I need to do?

As a Buyer: There is no change in your Auto-Activation process. We kindly request that you continue filling in the Partner’s (Seller’s) email address, as you have done in the past.

This email address will serve as the channel through which Sellers receive notifications, whether it’s to confirm a successful connection or to address any connection interruptions caused by errors that we believe Sellers can resolve.

As a Seller: You will receive an email detailing the connection access and the encountered error. Additionally, you will receive a link to our Connection Form, allowing you to correct any necessary credentials, if required.

In some cases, errors like IP whitelisting or inactive credentials may not require any changes to be made through the form in order to resolve the activation. However, there are numerous cases where the validation process can address and successfully complete the connection with the Buyer.

Our goal is to continually improve the Activation Process, thereby reducing the time-to-market for our valued Partners.

Thank you for your continued Partnership.