Deactivate a date range

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Sometimes we do have some periods when a board supplement must be added manually as it is compulsory. However, in certain occassions and for different reasons we are not able to update these supplements. I have seen that you can deactivate a hotel, a rate or even a room but we are not able to forced a closed out on a date range. I have been advise that using the closed master option will not do anything if they send availability throught the Channel Manager. Is it possible to develop an option where a date range can be deactivated ?
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We need some more information about the problem you are facing.
Here below our conclusions after reading your post, could you please let me know if we are understanding the situation? Could we get an example, please? The most real and practical scenario is the best way for us to understand the problem and explore the solution next.

As a recap:

  • You load a compulsory board supplement for a hotel (gala dinner or similar?)
  • You need to update the supplement but you cannot do it (due to limitations on your side?)
  • So you need to close out some dates / rooms / rates during a period of time, in order to make sure you will not have unexpected bookings.

Expected outcome: having the option to stop selling certain rates / rooms / hotels, meanwhile the hotel is updating availability and rates via channel manager (so they would not be aware of any deactivation).

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Hello Tania,

Thank you very much for getting back to me.

Exactly, all we need is the possibility to stop selling a date/ date range and keep them closed until we open the date manually again. It is important that even though the hotel will be updating availability via channel this will be ignore if we have a closed out.

I am afraid that I do not have any real scenario just yet but we have some properties where always the gala dinner for example is compulsory and must be updated manually.

We will have this issue, when a hotel has a Half Board Rate and/or Full Board Rate and we are the ones updating the meal plan supplement but we cannot do it.

I hope this info can help.

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Dear @channel

Thanks again for your feedback! :smiley:

We will keep the topic open to gather some interest from other partners. However, at this moment, we do not plan to implement manual restrictions applicable for the Client but not to the supplier.

The solution we suggest for this case is offering a restricted Inventory access to the hotel properties that cannot change availability and rates in the extranet or even the option to negotiate fixed contracts which are not connected to the channel manager and do not permit API updates.

We thank you again for your ideas and we will keep digging into the new ideas to solve the problems you are facing.

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