Control Inventory selling via XTG Dashboard

Suggesting to add inventory control in XTG Dashboard that allow seller to restrict COUNTRY /CITY Or Hotels to be sellable to buyer

this will help alot to give control to seller to exclude inventory for some buyers without putting to much load of seller side to control and handle each buyer inventory and also will allow buyer to activate back inventory whenever is needed

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Hi @mustafa ! :hugs:

Thanks for your contribution!

Please, let me make sure we understand your problem.
When you are a Seller, you would need to select / filter/ set the right product available for your Buyers. This would mean applying restrictions from your main portfolio, share the portfolio between similar Buyer types (retailers, OTAs, …) and also making sure you’ve got at your Buyers disposal your top product.

Is this your current problem? Is there any real example you may share in order to provide extra info?

Thank you very much!



Dear Tania

Thank you very much for your kind support and reply as usual

Yes this is extatically what i meant its for us as seller to have control of inventory we sell to our buyers

Example A: We have a buyer who is having 2 connection one is for worldwide another one is Only for One country only however the Buyer is using one master mapping file of us as supplier and cant exclude inventory from each connection form his side , so if we have tool as seller to control for each connection which country or city or hotel we activate for each connection this will help a lot

Example B: A buyer who is causing rate parity for certain hotel and we would like to close this hotel for this buyer

and many more use cases for above which will help buyer to optimize and control inventory for each connection base on the needs and nature of the buyer demand


Dear @mustafa

We will consider your suggestion and review it internally with our Tech team. We will also gather feedback and interest from other partners to ensure that any new features we add are a great fit for our product.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us! :smile:
We will keep you posted on any updates regarding this.

Best Wishes,