Content - Management functionalities

We are pleased to announce that we have added to our App new functionalities currently in beta which will make managing your Content in TGX much easier!

Functionalities in beta

  • Check out the portfolio in all your connections
  • Filter property by country

Review relevant information such as:

  • Total properties found
  • Last refresh date
  • Next scheduled update
  • Property details, such as address, description, etc
  • Force a new update as and when required.

Content is king, and managing your content without the need of TGX intervention will speed your time-to-market and help you sell more! Transparency is our core drive and we aim to give our Partners the tools to manage the static content is paramount.

What do I have to do?
Try it out and leave your feedback right here! Connections Content.


Would be extremely useful to have an export to .csv functionality on the Connections Content page.
Also a search functionality on the portal (by hotel name or hotel code)

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Hi @daniel ,

thank you very much for your feedback, your ideas are very interesting and usefull for us.

Could you elaborate more on what information would be relevant for you in the export?

Regarding the filter, could you tell us which hotel code, the native code of the supplier, the Travelgatex code (sometimes it doesn’t match with the Seller)?

Hi @ruben.caballero

Regarding export, information such as: all possible codes (native supplier code, TGX code etc), hotel Name, hotel Country, hotel City, Address, Phone, Fax, Email (basically everything except description & services).

Regarding the filter, from a Seller perspective, we would need the native code of the supplier (Seller)


Thank you very much @daniel , we will take it into consideration.

Geolocation issue would not be interesting? or address and city is enough for you?

Hi @ruben.caballero
Yes, geolocation data would also be useful if included.

@daniel for what purpose do you use this data, is it for mapping or is it for displaying the hotel card?

for mapping / to double-check the data imported via Travelgate against own mapping file received from client/supplier