Connections Content: New fields

Check out our new Connections Content release!


In order to make our Connections Content section more functional and user-friendly, we have added new columns with extra details of your properties to the Hotel Content grid.


Apart from the Code, Name and Country columns already included, you will now be able to check the City, Giata ID and Last upload date of your hotels.

City: City where the hotel is located
Giata ID: This information will be available for those Partners providing Giata services and for the hotels returning this information.
Last upload: It indicates the date of the hotelโ€™s last content update.

We have also added this information to the Hotel Card view, as well as the GeoLocation details (Latitude and Longitude)

We hope you find this information useful!

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us via our Help Center, weโ€™re always happy to hear from you.

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