ChannelX - buyer dashboard

As your ChannelX product user, sometimes we need to ensure all messages you are producing are arriving correctly to our end…

Currently, we don’t have any dashboard available in order to see which is the volume of messages you are producing so when a desynchronization happen, we don’t have any tool to see what is going on…

I’m sure you should have some kind of those dashboards internally available to monitor everything is fine to your clients so the idea is analyze if you can make public some of them filtering the information for every client :smiley:

Let me know if you need some more information

Thank you in advance!

Hello Javier!

Thanks for your contribution! :+1:t2:

We will check the options internally and let you know how to monitor Channel X on your side.

Keep you posted!


Thank you @trivas

We will wait for your news!!


Hello @javier.villacorta

You can now find your Channel X dashboard in Grafana. :bar_chart:

Pleased let us know via Slack or Customer Care if you have any questions about the data.

Have a great day!