ChannelX: activate your product from the New Connection step

Increase your time to market in your ChannelX product!
Now you can include your new Push Sellers in your Channel-X solution from the very first step.


Because, regarding sales, the sooner the better! :money_mouth_face:

At Travelgate, we focus our efforts on optimizing internal processes and automating your connections so, from now on, any ChannelX Buyer can request a new connection with a Channel Manager and include the product in our push solution at once.

What? :thinking:

Until now, our ChannelX Buyers had to add a new provider in their push solution after the connection was made, which slightly increased the setup process and time to market of this new product.

From now on, our Buyers may choose if they want to include the new Seller in their ChannelX solution by simply ticking the box before confirming a new connection form:

But what is ChannelX?

ChannelX is an aggregating tool that allows our Buyers to receive the product of their different Channel Managers in an unique standardized API.

The objective of this solution is to speed up the extraction and the combination of the product for the Buyer, in order to reduce response times or create combined products on their end before selling the product (packages, price calendarsโ€ฆ).

ChannelX is not a standalone solution and itโ€™s combined with our Buyers APIs to manage booking flow. If you are not a ChannelX active user yet, you may keep reading in our full doc and get a deeper insight.

Which Channel Managers can be included in my ChannelX solution?

All of them! All the products you have set up via our Inventory App can be included in this push solution with the same structure as it is loaded (no aggregation or business rules applied).

Do I need to use ChannelX to buy via Channel Managers in TravelgateX? :hotel:

Not at all! You can connect any channel manager you need via My Connections without any additional development for you, besides your already existing Buyers API connection (HotelX API or our Hotel Buyers API -Legacy-).

What do I have to do?

If you are a ChannelX Buyer, you donโ€™t need to do anything, just tick the box in your next new connection, in case you want to add the product in your solution.

If you are not a ChannelX Buyer and this solution could help you, please contact your Marketplace Manager or raise a ticket! We will be pleased to help you! :hugs: