Bulk Force Update of the connections content

Problem description: What problem does your company have which you would like to tackle with your idea?
As a Seller, each client receives a different portfolio.
If I can have the option to force update the content of many connections in a row, this would be absolutely helpful.
Expected outcome: What is the outcome you expect when this problem has been solved?
We will save time updating the content of our clients, not doing it one by one. We need to do the content update quite often and it is very time consuming.

Idea description: Please describe your idea in detail, why you think it’s worth building and how you’re currently dealing with that problem.

Dear Christine,

Welcome to our Community and thanks for your contribution! :hugs:

Let’s check with our tech team and keep you posted ASAP!

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Hi again Christine

We have some good news for you.
Even though we have no self managed solution yet (we are working on it!), we could help you by setting up a default access to be used as your default portfolio. Therefore, you will need to refresh only this access. Could this be a solution for your current problem?

We will contact you via our support team to deal with your particular case.

Best Regards,