Bulk download option - Download limitation

Problem description: What problem does your company have which you would like to tackle with your idea? The “Download all” option that was recently added to logging is great, but unfortunately there’s a limitation to the number of files downloaded which is 100 files per zip file.

Expected outcome: What is the outcome you expect when this problem has been solved? It would be great to extend this limitation if removing it is not possible. Or maybe the ability to download the files into batches but all at once.

Idea description: Please describe your idea in detail, why you think it’s worth building and how you’re currently dealing with that problem.
Sometimes we need to view all the Quote or Booking or Cancel failures in order to notice certain trends, this would allow us to track the root of these failures and take action accordingly. The number of the failures could exceed 100 we need would need to analyze all for a certain time frame or full day or full week.
Suggested solution is to extend the limitation or give the user the option to choose the number of results desired to download in the zip file.

Hi Ali,

Thank you for your feedback and your detailed explanation!

This is something very interesting as it shows a specific use of Logging to download several logs of a full day and not only a specific log or error. We’ll check this idea internally and analyse it with more details to see if is viable.

We’ll let you know when we have any update about this.

Thanks again!

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