Booking window and travel window on derived rates


Sometimes we received promotions with a booking and a travel window that are different between them.

It will be great to be able to add both ranges on the derived rates so we can upload early booking promotions.

Should you need any further assistance please let me know.

Dear Partner,

Thanks for your contribution.

We’ll check this idea internally with our tech team and let you know if we can add arrival dates into our loading criteria.

Keep you posted!

Dear Partners,

After checking internally, even we have no specific travel dates field in Inventory tool, you can load an Early booking offer with specific booking dates following these steps:

  • Create a derived rate in Set up tool with the specific Booking dates you have for this Early Booking offer
  • Load rates in this derived rate using our Manual Load option, only for the check-in dates the booking is applicable for.
  • Make a quick availability check by using our Availability tool

We will keep gathering interest in order to add travel dates into available loading fields in Inventory app and keep you posted about it!

Thank you again for contributing.