Billing: Download Invoices as PDF files

Billing Invoices - Download Invoices as PDF files

Check out our new Billing release! Now you can download your Invoices as PDF files


Providing our partners with the possibility to download invoices as PDF files is a much-requested feature and we’re delighted to release it. This feature makes it easy for you to share the information internally with all the stakeholders in your company who might need to access this information.

This functionality allows you to download invoices for a specific date.

:warning: You can only download invoices generated from January 2022 onwards. If you need previous invoices, please open a new Commercial Billing/Issues Ticket here

What do I have to do?

Just visit the invoices tab on the Billing page and use the new “Download PDF” option

Coming Soon…. :eyes:

Looking forward to hearing your ideas :slight_smile: