API transactions to allow online modifications

We aim to automatize some of the volume we currently have on online modifications with some of our suppliers adding the needed transactions to the travelgateX API

For this will be great if we can include on those online transactions some operations to modify the dates of the booking, etc


Hi @javier.villacorta ,

What kind of modifications are you thinking about:

  1. Soft Modifications: Does not need a requote because Availability and Pricing are not changed. i.e. add an special request to the hotel, change pax names…
  2. Hard Modifications Needs a requote because Availability or Pricing could change. i.e. add days, update board…


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Hi @oscar

Thank you for your comment!

We are interested in “both”


1 is better than 0 :slight_smile:

Let’s talk about the expected workflow for both cases:

  1. QuoteModification:

    • Input: Supplier Locator, new Data (Dates, Rooms, any other updatable field (TBC))
    • Output: Similar to current Quote Response
  2. ConfirmModification:

    • Input: Similar to current Book Request
    • Output: Similar to current Book Response

Sounds good?

Hello @oscar

Yes! sounds really good!!