Alerts: real-time issues detection

And here comes the new Alerts APP, the monitoring tool to detect and solve issues faster than ever before. Set up alerts that analyze and process data based on the different available options: error results, traffic peaks, price changes, L2B excess…


Because reaction time is key!

Detect potential anomalies in real-time and get an immediate notification to react on time and avoid impact on your business. :rotating_light:


Alerts app is very easy and quick to use. You just need to identify the type of alert you need, establish the conditions and configure them in the panel created for this purpose:

  • Check existing alerts and its status
  • Create, modify and delete alerts
  • Activate or deactivate alerts

Please, check out the full article related to this section in our Knowledge Base. :books:

Which kind of alert can I configure?

The first alert type released is “Status error code”: know when the % for a specific error code exceeds the limit you have established in your connections. For example: “I want to check if status code 102 (Seller error) exceeds 10% of my Search traffic in the last 1000 transactions.”

What do I have to do?

Nothing! Just go to our APPs section and click on Alerts to start setting them up and controlling your connections!

Your feedback is essential to us, so don’t forget to leave your opinion in the survey that will pop up when you check out Alerts!

Coming Soon…. :eyes:

We plan to add the following alert types:

  • Traffic peak
  • L2B
  • Average response time
  • Price