Add distribute filter for unknown refundable status

In distribute business rules, we can configure a filter for refundable or for not refundable rates. But some suppliers can’t provide this information in search step, so could you please add the option “unknown”, to the existing “RF” and “NRF”? Many thanks

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Thank you for your idea!

Currently, the filter for refundable or not refundable rates in Distribution can be set in the ‘Configuration’ section and in the ‘Selling Pricing Rules’, and this rule is used to filter to your agencies only rates with those features.

To make sure we understand the idea you’re suggesting and analyse it from our side, it would be great if you could please give us an example of use. For example:

If your supplier doesn’t return cancel policies in search step, would you want to also send this options to your agencies even is there is a filter of only RF rates or NRF rates? Or the issue you’re facing here is to have an option to only send rates without policies to your agencies?

The first one would be an option to include ‘unknow’ policies in your currently configurated filter (NR and RF), the second one would be a new filter to only send to your agencies the rates without cancel policies specified.

Any details or example you could provide us of the problem you’re facing would help us.

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I’d like to have an additional value for the filter. Currently I can choose “RF” and “NRF”, I’d like “unknown” added to those two.
This way I can manage any usage scenario: filter unknown rates, apply rules to RF or NRF, etc.

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Thank you for your answer!

We currently have this filter in two sections:

1. Selling princing rules (organization and agency level)

When creating a new specific selling pricing rule the idea would be to add a new option in the filter to allow create rules based in this new “unknow” category:

2. Configuration (agency level)

In the configuration rules we also have a general filter to only send some options to your agencies depending on the cancel policies:

In this case, if we add a new option “Return only unknow”, you will only return to your agencies those options without cancel policies. Is this the expected behaviour?

We would need some more details to fully understand the use of this new filter and it would be a great help if could you please provide us with some examples of use.

Thank you!

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I’d like to have that option in the selling price rules.
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Any news on this?

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