Accelerate your time to money with Travelgate's new online onboarding process for Buyers

Follow 3 easy, simple steps to quickly connect to our Marketplace, establish a connection with your first Sellers, and Go Live. We will take you all the way to the end line in no time!

We want to provide you with all necessary information and maximum transparency. That way you can take advantage of Travelgate’s Market Network with the minimum investment of time and effort, whether in our API development or establishing your first connection with a partner, by knowing where you’re at in the process and what you need to do next at all times.

Here’s a short overview of the process:

  1. Select your connection method - API development or via a Tech Platform partner
  2. Accept our commercial conditions and indicate who will be your first Seller to source accommodation from
  3. Go through (optional) mapping and testing your end-to-end connection before go live

What do I have to do?
After finishing your Sign Up just follow the suggested steps as they are presented to you.
And let us know your feedback and how we can improve it.

Coming Soon…
If you want to use Travelgate to expand your distribution, don’t worry. We are working on a new online Onboarding process for Sellers as well. :wink: